Our operations manager will contact you

We will sit down with you to chat about your expectations and ours

You will be issued with information regarding costs and set up procedures

We will carry out a business diagnostic based upon where your business is now, (this is to highlight areas of improvement we can assist you with and establish a starting point for our reporting back to you in regards to the success of our involvement.)

There will be a second meeting to talk about how you would like to proceed and any assistance required

You will get to meet with our franchise network in-store and at our training sessions

The franchise agreement will be drawn up, upon the receipt of the application and the $3,000 deposit

The franchise agreement is signed and the cooling off period is commenced

Once the final payments have been made, our marketing program is instigated

We welcome you aboard!

Please note the exact process may vary dependent upon franchisee requirements, but this will be discussed with you on application.

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